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I didn’t understand why Priddy Ugly joined Ambitious Entertainment, he was already getting traction without the backing of any record company.

He left the company in July this year, after having signed just a year ago. During his short stay at Ambitious, he released his debut album E.G.Y.P.T. But now having left the company, Priddy has repackaged the project and dropped a deluxe version a few weeks ago. The title is an acronym for Everything Godly Yearns Patience and Timing.

E.G.Y.P.T is very personal album which reveals a number of things about Priddy Ugly; his closeness to his family, his ambitions, his sense of spirituality and his fondness for cars. The latter is clearer on the song Karapao. At times, he worryingly sounds like AKA on the track though.

This deluxe version is missing tracks he did with former stable mates at Ambitious like Saudi and Emtee. Including the song he did with Shane Eagle. Ycee, who replaces Eagle on 02Hero is nice on this version but the first version had more weight with Eagle’s verse where he flexes about being a successful independent artist. Which made perfect sense, because Priddy Ugly came up as an independent artist too.

When the Karrots beat dropped, I immediately thought of Nasty C’s Do You Dig. The Naija-sounding Look Alike should be pushed as a single, it would be a favourite for a lot of South Africans who have this new found appreciation of modern Nigerian music. Priddy Ugly sings throughout the song.

Priddy probably hates himself for the decision to join Ambitious because it’s a really messy and confusing situation due to the missing songs. I think he should’ve rather released an EP with new tracks and a different title.

One of the new tracks for this deluxe version is, HO$h HO$h which features Wichi 1080 and Youngsta CPT. It is grimy as the track he did with the Cape rapper, Come To My Kasi a few years ago. Youngsta’s verse is purposefully dope, but I would like to hear him switch up his flow once in a while. But nice as the song is, I don’t think it fits into the E.G.Y.P.T concept of the album.

Bontle’s contribution into this album was a pleasant surprise. I liked the texture of her voice, especially on the title track, E.G.Y.P.T. I thought the poetry by Candice Modiselle at the end of Lucky’s Interlude should’ve been made an interlude on its own, not at the end of the track.

It’s a decent body of work, but I still concede that he should’ve rather put out new songs as an EP or mixtape. It’s the kinda project that’ll please those who like rap, but also not too heavy for someone looking for catchy joints.


AFRO Punk released the line-up for this year instalment of the festival, to a mixed reaction from South Africans who have a couple of names they also would like to add to the bill.

The three day festival returns after it made its debut on the mother land last year in Joburg. This year’s AP will be headlined by The Internet, Flying Lotus, Kaytranada, Thandiswa Mazwai, Thundercat and iconic rap clique Public Enemy. More artists will be announced as we get closer to the festival.

“The Internet, Kaytranada and Thundercat is reason enough for me to go…but my expectations were very high,” said Psykaytic Ròes on Facebook. While Thabang Magodielo said she was expecting singing sensation H.E.R, Solange, SZA and Tom Misch, but was happy with some of the artists on the line-up.

The Internet, who recently released their critically acclaimed album Hive Mind will be in Joburg this year

Last year’s AP took a huge knock, when headline act Solange said she wouldn’t make it to South Africa for the festival due to health reasons. AP organisers together with Solange then promised to have the Don’t Touch My Hair singer for this year’s instalment. But dololo Solange.

Moonchild, who has taken the country by storm is also on the line-up. Her name though, brought confusion for some people as they thought it was the international group, not our very own modern Brenda Fassie.  There was an air of disappointment from some people that it’s not the Los Angeles trio on the line-up. “Moonchild Sanelly? Andizi Jonga, Andizi,”said Lesia Obiwan-Kenobi Kalane.

The inclusion of Public Enemy left me a tad puzzled. Although the group last released an album in 2017 (Nothing Is Quick in the Desert), I’m a bit sceptical about the old guys pulling a strong performance.

Public Enemy

I was expecting to see names of Zoë Modiga, Samthing Soweto and at least Ikati Esengxoweni on this year’s line-up.  While The Brother Moves On’s performance last year was one of the stand-outs, having them back wouldn’t have ruined anything.

Other names that excited people were Youngsta CPT, Soweto band BCUC and the younger Mazwai sister, Nomisupasta who was the host at the final of Battle of the Bands final, in Tembisa last year.

People had been eagerly waiting  for this line-up to come out, that early bird tickets were sold out instantly after AP made the announcement.


Unlike other brands that come to the country to make a quick buck, AP made a commitment to be in the city for at least five years, so this is just the second episode of AP Joburg and this one promises to be a step-up from last year’s. Hopefully there won’t be any last minute cancellations from the artist’ part, the people would infuriated.

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