The Boombap

Q: Is it just merch from the mixtape you released or it’s an actual clothing label?

A: The idea was too package my debut music project with a T-shirt and hoodie exclusive limited amount release but the more the music project spread, reached new ears and audiences the more it made sense to develop a full clothing range because even people that haven’t heard my music relate to the Revenge Of The Boombap statement.

It’s like Malema and his Radical Economic Transformation. I think Juju is a trash leader and general weirdo but I believe that statement he speaks off. This is why we started developing designs that relate to a broader spectrum of urban youth street culture.

Q: Did you do the design work?

A: I work with various multimedia designers so I can keep it as fresh as possible. I’ve worked with Nathi Danti, Malkop,Grimson Darkhand and Haz Illustrates to develop the designs and feel.

Q: How has the reception been from people?

A: The response has been amazing and I’m super surprised how much support we getting from the ladies. The response been really inspiring we actually about to drop two new designs one called  Boombap B-girl exclusive for the ladies and Boombap Baby range for boys and girls aged 3-12years old.

Q: Is this a solo endeavour or you have partners?

A: I don’t work in partnerships anymore. I do collaborations on specific projects then keep it moving. There’s way too much drama and egos in the partnership thing. So R.O.T.B clothing merch is all me in terms of the business sense but creatively I use freelance multimedia designers.

Q: Do you sell anything else besides the hoodie, t-shirts and caps?

A: We thinking of designing and branding household goods like coffee mugs, clocks, we also expanding into sneaker customizing because that market is growing in South Africa.

We wanna be there when it fully pops off and I would one day like to sell graffiti on canvas under the Revenge of The Boombap brand.

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