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INNOVATION comes from the music producer. Period. They sit there, fiddling with their gadgets and witness an idea become an actuality that stirs up ingoma inside an artist.

The process of making a beat may seem simple from the outside looking in but a lot goes into music production. A listener with a good ear, might know that something’s off with a particular track but not comprehend why- it could be that the sampling is atrocious, the mixing terribly done or just badly mastered.

These are things which some artists don’t completely understand too, hence workshops such as the Beat Makers Market (BMM), are important in educating listeners and those who interact with music on a professional level. “The event is an innovative networking event geared towards artists and music producers to build successful business relationships,” says event founder Enzo Slaghuis.

The BMM will be a gathering of people who wear various hats in the music business such as independent artists, movie supervisors, A&Rs, music executives and songwriters. “The concept was launched in 2017 at Slaghuis Studios in Diepkloof. The purpose of the last event was to launch the idea to beat makers and consult with the artists on how and what they would want from the Beat Makers Market event,” says Enzo.

This is the same man responsible for the legendary Slaghuis Hip Hop movement that gave the world guys likes of Pro (Kid), Pitch Black Afro and Siya Shezi among the long list of lyrical beasts from the South Western Township.

The event will have a panel discussion with some of South Africa’s celebrated Hip Hop producers. It will feature Dome, PH, Battlekat and Omen where they’ll explain, among other things, the recipe of a hit song and how the model for producers has been redefined. While the day’s beat maker competition will have the winner walk away with prizes comprising of M-Audio studio equipment, SAE Institution Music Business short course, AKAI MPK Mini, Monkey Banana Studio Monitors and a case of Redbull Energy.

At the time of writing this, there were 147 beat makers who had already entered the anticipated rivalry. Nyambz, Omen and Dome will have adjudicating responsibilities on the day. “We are also hosting the 30 minute beat challenge where interested beat makers will be challenged to create a beat on the spot using provided sound packs and a sample,” Enzo tells me.

The event takes place on the first Sunday of November at Newtown’s Good Luck Bar in Johannesburg. There will also be live performances by rappers Rouge, TLT, Makwa Beats, drummer J Star, Jed Nery and Morgan the Beat boxer.

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