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Call it a great treat that doesn’t leave you too full, while making room for something else later; Sinatra Ocean’s Ep Still Searching is so delicious to the ear.

First of all I’m such a hopeless romantic. I am more prone to anything that scratches that part of me. Sinatra’s compositions, mixed with an amazing array of R&B sounds, are so soothing they will make you dedicate a break up song to your mom on national radio, just because it sounds that good.

One of the songs that makes me want to call in, is Feeling with Kyla Nicole, the production on this track had me on replay and in my feelings.

Us with Foreighn, doesn’t help with my “captain save a soul” stance on love; the dub sound together with the live instruments will make for a live performance I would pay for and since Sinatra resides in Joburg, I hope to witness that soon.

Ammo Moses and Coco’s voices complement each other so well on Phases; they’ll convince you to call someone’s daughter under the guise of being soulmates, when you were just cold that one night.

Sinatra Ocean’s track list of his EP, Still Searching

Still Searching is like my favourite winter fashion, well layered and warm; the EP has replay value, it’s a mood for a Sunday or as part of your sex playlist.

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