Tha Bravado is a South African online urban lifestyle publication from the 5LVS AND 2FSH Media company. Founded in 2018, the publication’s main aim is to tell stories of great young black creatives doing amazing things worldwide.

We noticed a shortage of black stories that celebrate black excellence in the mainstream media and also the paucity of black media ownership. Also, with the advancement of technology and globalization making the world one big community, we wanted to be an abode for creatives and the growing community of proudly black African thinkers in different parts of the world. 

Imagine reading a story about what is happening in Tembisa, South Africa from Accra in Ghana or London in the UK.

As our tagline clearly indicates, we won’t change the world ourselves but spark the minds that do so as 2PAC once said. Most journalists come into the industry with the romantic idea of wanting to change the world, so too are we but ours is more realistic approach and believe the best way is to start with one individual, one mind at a time.

It’s about changing lives and minds through our refreshing content.

We are a blog in a literal sense. We shun referring to Tha Bravado as a blog because the stories we write are rooted on solid journalism values which help us have the most free, fair and balanced reporting.

Our coverage is in MUSIC ART FASHION LIFESTYLE as well as a tad bit of POLITICAL COMMENTARY.

Bonginkosi Ntiwane is a storyteller born in 1991 and bred in Tembisa, on the east side of Gatueng.

He graduated from Arts and Media institution City Varsity in 2012 in Journalism. While job hunting in 2013, he volunteered at the Urban Brew Studios working as an assistant (basically helping with whatever that was required in the studio or the office). His stay there wasn’t long because he received a call for another volunteering gig, but this one was at Times Media Group (TMG, Now Tiso Blackstar) working for The Times newspaper. He jumped at the opportunity as he was very keen on print journalism.

The little time he volunteered at the company helped him become part of the company’s annul internship program the following year, after going through the interview process like the other 13 candidate who made the final group of 2014 interns.

This life changing opportunity put him in the same building with some of the best journalists in the country. Whilst also being exposed to some of the country’s finest thinkers in media law, writing techniques, and other relevant fields in the media landscape.

The internship in 2014 meant rotating within the company’s various publications at TMG to learn different skills. He worked on online publications such as TimesLive, SowentaLive, Sunday World Live before being thrown into print where he wrote for the The Times and the Sowetan.

In 2015 he worked for the Sowetan newspaper where he built his name as one of the country’s young and promising entertainment and lifestyle writers. Ironically, it was at the end of that year that he decided to take a hiatus from journalism as he felt dissatisfied with his contribution in the print world and wanted to explore telling stories visually, through documentaries.
After two and a half years of unsuccessful search for funds for his projects and sporadic freelancing for the Sunday Times’ Lifestyle section, he made found his company 5LVS AND 2FSH Media in 2018 to which online publication Tha Bravado is under. And his story continues…

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We’ll Not Change The World Ourselves. But We’ll Spark The Minds That Do.
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