5 Dos And Don’ts When Shopping Online with Lufuno Claire Sathekge

Bonginkosi Ntiwane04/24/20184min1020

5 Dos And Don’ts When Shopping Online with Lufuno Claire Sathekge

Q: Have you or do you often shop online?

A: I have shopped online and I do currently shop online. I’m no longer a regular as I’m trying to curb my spending lol.

Q: Is it a better experience than the traditional walking into a shop and buying clothes?

A: It’s better in terms of variety and better in terms of convenience for a person that’s busy. It’s better in terms of finding unique pieces from international retailers. But I do enjoy going into the shop and trying some clothes on.

It’s important for me to try on because my body proportions are not normal so most things don’t fit me as I imagine they would. So I don’t think it will ever kill physical shopping, especially because the risk of credit card fraud is minimized in physical shopping.


  • Stick to your budget
  • Take your time looking for the items you want, check the size charts and proportions, look at as many images of the item as possible before you decide on it
  • Always check the Sale section, you are bound to find some gems at a bargain
  • Be careful with your confidential information, always try to use a credit card instead of EFT as EFT transactions are not reversible.
  • Explore different retail sites and compare prices, you’ll be amazed at the price differences


  • Don’t spend all your money
  • Don’t buy something that doesn’t make sense to your wardrobe because it’s on Sale
  • Don’t divulge your confidential information especially ID number and banking details
  • Don’t be rushed when shopping. Check your cart before you checkout, returning online purchases can be a nightmare
  • Don’t be afraid to take advantage of promos and discounts.

Bonginkosi Ntiwane

A South African storyteller.

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